Frequently Asked Questions

Do we deliver?

*Yes we deliver. There is a delivery fee of $.75/per mile within the first 10 mile radius, every mile after there is a $1/per mile fee. (Sunday deliveries are additional cost)

How to best contact you?

*We are best reached through our Contact Us page.

How far in advance should an order be placed?

*All orders should be placed a minimum of 2 weeks/14 days in advance to avoid a rush order charge.

Do we offer other items?

*Yes. Other items are available upon request. To inquire reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

Do you offer diary, soy, sugar, nut, coconut, or peanut free items?

*Yes. We care about your dietary needs and can make your order free of any of those things for an additional charge. Additional charge applies to dairy, nut, and sugar free items.

How long does items last?

*Most items last a week. Most baked goods in general if not properly stored after a week may dry out and not taste of the best quality. Be careful with any items that contain dairy.

Do we have a storefront?